Clifton Low Angle Block Plane – Adjustable Mouth

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Clifton Low Angle Block Plane – Adjustable Mouth

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Now with Walnut Handle!
Made from bronze, this block plane aims to offer the ultimate in comfort and style. Aiming to fit your hand perfectly with it’s high quality Walnut handle, this block plane will allow you to shave the surface of your project with ease. Made from a high quality bronze casting, made here in Sheffield UK, this is then finished with the new signature graphite colour on the body to offer one of the most stylish block planes on the market.

Blade width 1 5/8. Blade angle is 25 degrees, angle on the bed is 12 degrees making the total angle 37 degrees.

This plane has an adjustable mouth which is a great added feature for flexibility for your projects.

*****Whilst I try to hold sufficient stock, during busy periods there can be delays with certain items. I ask for your patience with lead times and where I can I will get items out ASAP if in stock.*****

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